Barry's sore paw

Barry is a very sweet 4 year old male Blue Heeler that belongs to nurse Alice. Alice had noticed Barry was very lame after he went for a run. Upon consultation with Dr Shannon, it was noted that Barry had a very sore paw. Radiographs were warranted to be able to examine the cause of Barry’s paw and to do this, a general anaesthetic was needed to find out what was causing Barry all the pain and bother!

Barry the Blue Heeler has a wire trapped in his paw causing him pain

Under general anesthetic radiographs were performed and it was discovered that Barry had a small piece of wire, approximately 12mm in his paw. This was surprising as there was no obvious entry point for the wire and no wounds to suggest that there could have been a foreign body in Barry’s paw.

A small incision was made in Barry’s paw to remove the wire and a bandage was placed in order to help the wound to heal.

Barry recovered extremely well from his procedure and is back to his usual self. He is now able to put weight on his paw again without the soreness.