Boris' Snake Bite

Boris, a sweet 11 month old male British Shorthaired cat presented to the clinic after his owners had noticed he had been lethargic for a few days. Boris would walk for a short distance and then lie down. Upon presentation with Dr Thulz, it was noted that Boris was walking slightly stilted in the consultation and was constantly licking his lips.

As Boris lives in a snake area and is an outdoors cat, the possibility of Boris having snake bite toxicity was high as he presented with these symptoms.

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Boris was placed in hospital on frequent intravenous fluids to help flush his system of any toxicity or venom.  We performed a urine test and an urgent blood test.  With these results we were able to confirm that Boris had been bitten by a snake by testing his muscle enzyme (CK) count. The count was high which indicated that muscle damage had occurred - a symptom of snake bite venom.

Boris needed to be monitored very closely to ensure he continued to improve and his toxicity didn’t deteriorate. Boris stayed with us in hospital for approximately 1 week and each day had further tests and monitoring to ensure his muscle enzyme (CK) count was continuing to come down and his condition was continuing to improve.

Once Dr Thulz was comfortable with Boris’ improvement and he was back to his normal self, he was able to return home. Boris was a pleasure to have and treat at the clinic and we look forward to seeing him again at the clinic soon!

Snake bite don’t always end up with a happy ending like Boris’s story, if your pet starts displaying any unusual behavior and you live in a snake prone area, please take them to the Vet for a health check to be on the safe side.