Boston’s puppy check-up


Boston, a beautiful 10-week-old chocolate Labrador puppy presented to the clinic for a puppy check-up. Boston’s owners wanted to ensure that he was healthy for his age and developing as expected. They also wanted to discuss puppy care, which is extremely important and recommended to ensure Boston has a healthy start to life.

Dr Alex gave Boston a thorough head-to-tail examination to ensure he was a healthy puppy and developing and growing as he should be. She checked his weight and coat to ensure these were ideal for his breed and age as well as his teeth and gums. She also had a listen to his heart and chest to ensure these were clear and in good physical shape, and checked if any hernias were present. During this time Dr Alex also discussed the importance of nutrition in a growing and developing puppy, and the correct food and amount to feed Boston. She also advised Boston's owners on other preventatives such as vaccinations, worming and flea control.

Boston was extremely healthy and such a cute puppy who was very brave for his first consultation with us! We look forward to watch him grow and develop into a wonderful adult dog.

For more information on what makes a healthy puppy, you can visit our website page on puppy care