Brave Castro's fight wounds

Castro is a very sweet 2 year old male Bull Terrier X who presented to the clinic after an altercation with another dog at the park. Upon consultation with Dr Gavin, it was noted that Castro had a bite wound present at the edge of the ear and a puncture wound in the middle of the ear. Casto’s ear was cleaned to ensure the wound was clear of bacteria to help prevent any infection, as bite wounds harbour a lot of bacteria. Because of the injuries to Castro’s ear, a bandage was applied to stop the wounds from bleeding.

Due to the location of Castro’s wounds, it was recommended that general anaesthetic would be required so that the wounds on his ear could be sutured to allow the wounds to heal.  Castro was placed on intravenous fluids to help support his blood pressure and kidney’s during the procedure and his wounds were closed together using sutures.

Castro recovered extremely well from the procedure and was given antibiotics and pain relief to go home with. A bandage was also placed in order to help protect the wounds. We look forward to seeing him again when he visits the clinic for his check up.

Castro recovering from his surgery
Resting at home in his favourite bed
Chewing on his favourite treat
Being cheeky