Bunny Byron gets a dental

Byron is a sweet little dwarf lop eared rabbit who was visited us with slight wetness and drooling around his chin which had been present for about seven days. On further examination Dr Belinda Willis suspected a dental issue to be the cause and booked Byron in for a dental surgery.

Rabbits have teeth that continually grow which is why overgrown incisors (front teeth) and molars (cheek teeth) can occur. Dr Belinda had noticed that Byron's upper molars had lateral hooks apparent and needed a dental to correct the molars.

On Byron's surgery day, he was given pre medication to help him relax, then we put him on intravenous fluids and gave him a general anaesthetic before waking up to improved teeth and a pain free mouth. It is important for rabbits to eat quickly after having a general anaesthetic and Byron enjoyed his yummy hay as soon as he had woken up. What a star!

A few days after surgery we followed up with a call to Byron's mum to see how he was going. His mum advised with the good news that he was doing extremely well and eating as usual. It was lucky that Byron had his dental quickly. If not, overgrown teeth can cause abscesses to form and could be a painful problem.