Calypso loses a tooth

Calypso is a lovable Blue Heeler who recently had a misadventure with a car. Unfortunately Calypso has a bad habit of biting car tyres and a few weeks ago tried to do so whilst her owner was driving the car into the garage! Calypso's owners had no idea she was there and this resulted in poor Calypso getting hit in the mouth with a tyre.

This little accident managed to cause damage to one of Calypso's teeth. Her large canine tooth nearly completely came off! As you can see in the picture it was just hanging on by some roots. Calypso was admitted for surgery to remove the tooth and she had a lovely day in hospital with all the nurses fussing over her! She was placed on intravenous fluid to help with a smoother anaesthetic and recovered on a nice warm fluffy bed.

Calypso has recovered well from her procedure and we hope she has learnt her lesson and will stop trying to round up cars by biting at the tyres!