Charlie’s Safety Pin

Charlie, a sweet 8 month old male Cocker Spaniel, presented to the clinic after his owner had noticed him chewing on something. His owner felt a sharp object within his mouth and noticed that there were many safety pins around him on the floor.

On examination Charlie was very bright and alert, however as his owner had felt a sharp object in his mouth, we were suspicious that Charlie may have eaten and swallowed a safety pin.

Charlie had radiographs performed and these clearly showed a safety pin sitting in Charlie’s stomach. Charlie needed to have this removed, otherwise, further complications could follow.

Charlie was prepared for surgery. An incision was made in his abdomen and the safety pin was identified and removed.

Charlie recovered extremely well after the procedure and returned to us for post operative checks to ensure that all was healing well. Charlie was a pleasure to treat and we are glad he is feeling better and back to his usual self!