Charlie's adolescent check

Charlie is a gorgeous 9 month old Labrador who came to visit us for a recommended adolescent check. As puppies grow quickly, it is important to examine some vital factors to ensure that they are growing healthily before they transition to an adult. At around the age of 9 months is the right time to check for early detection of some possible problems and behaviours so treatment, if necessary, can be put in placed before they become difficult to treat later on.

During the adolescent check, Charlie’s growth and joints were examined and manipulated to check that his joints and bones were growing healthily. Charlie's weight, exercise regime and diet were reviewed and recorded so we could make sure that they were within the ideal range for his breed and size. If this was not the case, alterations and measurements could be discussed to help either increase or decrease his weight.

Charlie’s teeth and gums were also examined to ensure that he had good dental health as early detection of dental disease is important. Charlie’s behaviour was also reviewed with his owner to see if there were any possible problem behaviours that Charlie’s owner might have been noticing. Early discussion of problem behaviours at the adolescent check ensures that a behaviour modification plan can be discussed and implemented, meaning that it will be easier for Charlie’s behaviour to be modified.

We are very proud to reveal that Charlie is doing extremely well and his adolescent check showed he was healthy and developing well. He is a very sweet boy and a pleasure to treat at the clinic. Well done, Charlie!