Chasing a cat led to surgery for Mags

Mags was out for a stroll with his mum and dad and furry sister Eddie when the urge to chase a cat became too much for him. Unfortunately he ran straight into the path of an oncoming car!

Luckily for Mags the car missed most of his vital areas but he did receive a big knock on a hind leg. Our clinic had closed for the night so his parents rushed him to the Animal Accident and Emergency Clinic at Essendon Airport where he received emergency care to stabilise him. Xrays taken the next day revealed a very nasty fracture in the femur - the thigh bone.

Mags underwent surgery with Dr Karen(from Carlton Vet Clinic - our sister clinic) and Dr Alex to repair the bone. He had both a pin and plate placed on the bone and two days later was already putting some weight on the leg. He is still in the recovery phase at the moment with 3 months of rest being a difficult thing for a puppy to bare. We wish him well and hopefully he will think twice about tangling with cars in the future.

The Animal Accident and Emergency Clinic at the Essendon Airport can be contacted on 93790700. They are open 24 hours and are a great option if our furry friends get into strife out of our business hours.