Checking up on senior Claude

Claude, a gorgeous 10 year old male Persian presented to the clinic for a 6 monthly senior check. Prior to the consultation with Dr Thulz, Claude had been well in himself with no health issues to report from his owners.

A senior check up is recommended and important for all patients over 7 years of age. A senior check involves a physical health examination by the Veterinarian to check for any abnormalities such as lumps, heart changes, arthritis, eye and ear changes and dental problems.

A urine and blood test is also recommended to check the inner workings of your pet as these are very informative for early detection to some age related diseases.

Claude also had his blood pressure checked to ensure it was within normal ranges as high blood pressure in cats can be indicative of kidney disease,hyperthyroidism and other age related diseases.

Claude did extremely well for his senior health examination and we are very pleased to say that he had no concerns or issues. We will again see Claude in another 6 months time for his next senior check up where we will hopefully again confirm he is fit and healthy.

Well done Claude!