Chunk's woodchopping adventure

Chunk has had a rather rough start to her young life. Chunk, an adventurous 4 week old female Staffordshire terrier cross, was outside exploring the back yard while her owners were chopping some wood. Unexpectedly, a piece of wood went flying and landed on one of Chunk's feet. The wood caused a deep laceration and crushed the surrounding tissue. Chunk's owners brought her immediately to the clinic for examination.

Dr Alex Whan checked Chunk carefully for signs of shock and other injuries. Fortunately, Chunk's crushed digit was the only serious problem. The blood supply to her toe was so fragile that Dr Alex Whan had serious concerns about the survival of the tissue in the area. Wounds such as this can often heal with careful attention and regular bandage changes, but Chunk's small size and damaged blood supply provided additional risks for tissue healing. After a day of bandage changing we quickly realised that the toe would have to be amputated.

Chunk was prepared for surgery. Anaesthesia in young patients such as Chunk carries some additional risks but with the appropriate caution these risks are easily minimised. Chunk's anaesthesia was very smooth and her digit was amputated just above the joint. Chunk has shown herself to be a remarkably brave young patient, and within a couple of days was back to her normal self. As Chunk is such a young pup, her foot should heal quickly, and the injury should have no significant implications for the long term use of this limb.