Clancy has a dental

Clancy is a 5 year old Beagle who presented to the clinic for a routine health check up. Upon consultation with Dr Alex, it was noted that Clancy had a small build up of plaque on his teeth and required a scale and polish in order to remove this. Clancy is on a special prescription diet and his owner brushes his teeth daily, however, similar to our teeth, a dental clean is always recommended. This is recommended to maintain dental hygiene and minimise the chance of dental disease which could lead to one or more teeth being extracted.

Dental disease begins when a soft material called plaque is deposited on to the surface of the teeth. Plaque is composed of calcium salts, food particles, bacteria and other organic matter.  It quickly hardens to form tartar (or calculi) which is a yellow/brown in color and much more difficult to remove.

It is very important to maintain and treat dental disease in its early stages as teeth and gum health rapidly declines if left untreated.  At these advanced stages you will see heavy calculus accumulation, severe gingivitis and ulceration, missing or moving teeth as well as extreme bad breath. The most concerning change is extreme discomfort and pain. At this point other organ systems in the body can also be affected.

As a dental prophylaxis or scale and polish is performed to clean the teeth and to also examine the oral cavity for any other problems that may be present, Clancy required a general anaesthetic for the procedure. Under the general anaesthetic his oral cavity was examined for any abnormalities, his gums were probed to ensure they were healthy, his teeth were scaled to clean them, and finally polished to protect the teeth. For Clancy, there were no teeth extracted as his owner had his dental prophylaxis performed early before there was any dental disease and had been diligently caring for Clancy’s dental health at home.

(L-R) Clancy and Molly

Clancy was extremely brave for his dental procedure and a pleasure to have at the clinic. We love seeing him here and we are sure that Molly, Clancy’s sibling, missed him whilst he was here at the clinic having his procedure performed but is loving his fresh breath!

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