Connie's senior health check

Connie, a beautiful 13 year old Persian cat, recently presented to our clinic to board in our Cats in the City cattery. Connie is a regular boarder and to make use of the time that Connie was with us, we performed a 6 monthly senior health check up on her.

Once a pet reaches 7 years of age, they are considered a senior and ideally a senior health check up should be performed every 6 months. A senior health check up involves a full blood test, a blood pressure test and a urine test to check for any internal changes whilst Connie matures.

Thankfully, the results returned within the normal parameters showing that Connie was very healthy and doing extremely well for her age!

It was very convenient for Connie to have her senior health check up done whilst in boarding as she was settled in and comfortable in her Cats in the City suite.

Hopefully Connie will be back boarding with us again soon as we all enjoy her company and cuddles.