Disco’s vomiting

Disco, a wonderful two-year-old female bull terrier visited us at the clinic after her owners had noticed her vomiting her food as well as any water she drank. Poor Disco continued to vomit during her consultation with Dr Gavin. She was very lethargic and slightly tender in her abdomen.


We admitted her into hospital for radiographs and an ultrasound, which led Dr Gavin to suspect a foreign body in Disco's small intestine. She was still unwell and not improving through the day with medication, so we prepared her for an operation in order to remove the foreign body.

The non-specific surgery performed on Disco's abdomen is referred to as an "exploratory laparotomy", and is usually used to investigate possible problems with the stomach organs.

During Disco's procedure, we found and removed something very similar in shape and texture to a corn cob!

Disco recovered extremely well from her procedure and brightened up quickly the day after. She was a star patient and wonderful to care for. Not only did she give the best cuddles she also loved to have her gorgeous nose scratched!