Django's Snail Bait Scare

Django, a sweet Kelpie x Koolie 3 year old male dog presented to the clinic after his owners noticed that he had begun twitching and panting heavily after playing in a neighbours yard.

After a quick and through examination by Dr Helen, it was suspected that Django had unfortunately consumed some snail bait whilst in their neighbours yard. Once snail bait is ingested the clinical signs develop quickly - initially, this presents as mild twitching and an unsteady gait. Sometimes pets will salivate or vomit. If left untreated, seizures and convulsions occur which significantly raise the body temperature leading to permanent brain damage and possible death.

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It was quickly decided by Dr Helen that Django would need a procedure performed in order to remove the toxin. Django would need a general anaesthetic to have both an enema and gastric lavage (or stomach pump) in order to remove as much toxin from his system as possible.

Django recovered extremely well from his procedure, but as there was concern that he may experience seizures or convulsing even after the snail bait had been removed, Django was taken to an emergency centre for overnight monitoring.

Django recovered extremely well at the emergency centre and was able to go home the next day, returning to us for a follow up appointment to ensure he was still travelling well. He was a pleasure to treat and we are all extremely happy he has recovered!