Eltons Tooth Root Abscess

Elton, a gorgeous 7 year old male Labrador, presented to the clinic as his owners had noticed a small lump growing under his left eye. Elton was otherwise acting as his usual self, however, he was not chewing on the right side of his mouth. Upon closer inspection with Dr Thulz, it was noted that Elton had a possible tooth root abscess on his left upper back tooth. This tooth possibly had a chip fracture.  A cytology (study of cells) was also performed on his small lump which was quite firm and this revealed a few white blood cells under the microscope which the body uses to fight infection.

A tooth root abscess is a severe infection that develops around the root, usually occurring from a broken or traumatised tooth. The infection begins to migrate, and in Elton's case this was to his cheek area under his left eye.  Elton was doing his best to be brave, even though this infection would be quite painful!

Elton was booked in to have a General Anaesthetic  for a dental procedure to be performed. As the back tooth was the source of the abscess, unfortunately this tooth had to be removed. Whilst Elton was having this procedure performed, his other teeth were also scaled and polished (cleaned) to ensure they were all healthy.

Elton was prepared for his procedure and firstly had dental radiographs performed so that we could visualise the roots of the teeth. The radiographs showed that a large abscess was surrounding the left book tooth determining that the tooth would need to be removed.

A gum procedure was performed on the tooth and a maxillary nerve block was placed. Elton’s tooth was removed and the roots were removed all intact. The abscess was then flushed and drained to ensure the wound was able to heal well. The wound was then sutured together leaving drainage so that it could heal.

Elton was able to head home later that day on some antibiotics and pain relief as he had recovered extremely well from his procedure. We look forward to seeing lovely Elton in our clinic again soon!