Fergus' trouble in the grass

Grass seed embedded in Fergus the Shih Tzu x Poodle's paw

Fergus, a 2 year old male Shih Tzu x poodle, presented to our clinic after his owner had noticed Fergus had been licking his front paw a lot. Upon closer inspection of Fergus’ paw, Dr Alex noticed that the skin on the paw was reddened and there was also a small amount of pus present between the toes. It was suspected that Fergus had a grass seed, therefore he needed to be sedated in order to explore the paw and hopefully find the grass seed!

Summer is the time to be keeping an eye out for grass seeds, especially after a walk with your dog in grass areas. Once a grass seed is under the skin the body tries to eliminate it and pus is formed that can swell into an abscess. Sometimes the entry hole can heal over, leaving no clue to the source of the problem. Areas to check for seeds include ears, between toes, armpits and eyes.

Fergus was sedated for the procedure and Dr Alex explored his paw. Dr Alex was able to find the entry hole as well as the nasty grass seed! Fergus' paw was bandaged in order to help the wound heal and prevent further infection. His other paws were also closely checked for grass seeds and the fur trimmed to make it easier for Fergus’s owners to locate and remove any further grass seeds that they find after a walk.

Fergus recovered extremely well after his procedure and after a few days returned to the clinic to have his bandage removed. He was a well behaved and brave boy who is back to enjoying his walks in the grass!

Grass seed embedded in Fergus the Shih Tzu x Poodle's paw
A grass seed
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