Foreign object found in Floyd

Floyd, a beautiful five year old Basset Hound, presented to the clinic after his owners had noticed that after eating dinner the night before there were four large piles of vomit in the house.  This same morning Floyd was not interested in his food and had been trying to eat plants outside. 

Upon consultation with Dr Helen, Floyd was noticeably quiet and sore in his abdomen. It was recommended for Floyd to be admitted to hospital for intravenous fluids to firstly hydrate his body before further tests were performed.

Floyd was starting to look more comfortable in his abdomen. An abdominal ultrasound was performed to visualise if there is any abnormalities that could be causing his vomiting and painfulness. The ultrasound showed a stomach full of fluid. However in Floyd's intestines there was a distally large shadowing object found, suggesting that Floyd had a foreign object. Learn more about foreign body ingestion in dogs.

Floyd was prepared for an exploratory laparotomy. During the procedure, a ball was found in Floyd's ileum! The rest of his abdomen was checked for further obstructions.

Floyd was cared for in an emergency centre overnight following his surgery to ensure he was continuing to recover and heal after his procedure.

Floyd is doing fantastic and was an absolute pleasure to have at the clinic.