Frankie's infected toe

Frankie gets infected toe amputated

Frankie is a gorgeous 5 year old domestic short haired tabby who presented to our clinic after his owners had noticed that he had been limping on his right front leg.

Upon consultation with Dr Thulz it was discovered that Frankie had an infected toe. A cytology was performed of Frankie's toe and this showed that there was pus and bacteria in the toe. Unfortunately, the results showed an intractable infection and it was decided that the best way to solve Frankie's infection was to remove the toe.

Frankie was prepared for surgery and his toe was removed and sent to the laboratory for further investigation.

Frankie recovered really well from the surgery. The results returned demonstrating that there was no cancer present within the toe, however there was presence of an old injury which could have been causing the infection.

Frankie has recovered extremely well after the procedure and is back to his usual self. We loved having him here at the clinic and always look forward to his very friendly cuddles.