Jemma’s dental work

Beautiful Jemma, a six-year-old Labrador-cross-Border Collie visited the clinic for a dental check to find a crack in one of her back teeth. Dr Alex recommended that Jemma have the chip fracture sealed to prevent the tooth from becoming infected and needing to be removed.

We prepared Jemma for surgery as she required a general anaesthetic. She had dental radiographs taken of the tooth, which showed that there was no penetration into the pulp cavity.

The tooth, called the left carnassial tooth, was treated and cleaned, then sealed using a bonded sealant application. This covered the tooth's chip so that the tooth structure was no longer exposed.

This procedure is a new and exciting way forward in dental care at our clinic.

After Jemma's tooth was sealed, the rest of her teeth were scaled and polished using an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher.

You can visit our page about dental scale and polish to learn more.