Jessie's Bother!

Jessie, a wonderful 2 year old female Samoyed presented to the clinic as she had been vomiting since eating an outdoor mat. Jessie had eaten breakfast the morning of presenting to our clinic, where she saw Dr Gavin. Dr Gavin decided it was best for Jessie to be admitted into our hospital ward where she had radiographs performed to see if there was a detectable foreign body from the outdoor mat. Jessie wasn't tender in her abdomen (tenderness can be a sign of a foreign body) and Dr Gavin couldn't feel a foreign body in her abdomen, however, her intestines felt ropey.  As Jessie was known to have eaten the outdoor mat and because she had been vomiting, a foreign body was suspected.  The x-rays revealed a gas pattern in Jessie's stomach, which indicates a possible obstruction. The next course of action for Jessie was an exploratory laparotomy. This is a surgical procedure involving the opening of the abdominal cavity and an examination of the abdominal organs.

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Jessie was prepared for her procedure and Dr Gavin inspected her entire abdomen. A linear foreign body was anchored in Jessie's stomach causing severe plication (reducing the size of the stomach capacity). Dr Gavin was able to remove the foreign body without causing any further damage to Jessie and her entire abdomen was 'lavaged' to ensure any contamination was flushed out. Jessie recovered well after her procedure and was given a CRI (continuous rate infusion) of Fentanyl and some other medications.

As we don't have an overnight service, Jessie was transported to a 24 hour emergency centre where she was monitored overnight, returning to us the following day for further hospitalisation. Jessie recovered extremely well from her procedure and ongoing care. She was a fantastic patient and her owners did an extremely good job of looking after her until she could return to normal activity.

She is a favourite for us at Barks in the Park too!