Joe’s big day out

If you are not planning to breed from you pet, desexing is recommended as it makes for a more amenable pet and certainly reduces the likelihood of many unwanted behaviours, some serious diseases and obviously unwanted puppies/kittens. Joe is a six month old kitten. Given that it is recommended that the desexing procedure is done around five to six months of age, Joe was a perfect candidate, so was booked in for surgery.

An appointment was made by Joe's owners one week prior. Joe's owners were informed regarding the procedure and that the most important part of the preparation at home was for Joe to be fasted the night before surgery.

Joe was booked in to see Dr. Tim at 8:30am. During the appointment details of the surgical procedure to be performed were explained to Joe's owners. Dr Tim then thoroughly examined Joe prior to the anaesthetic. Dr. Tim recommended that Joe should have a routine Pre Anaesthetic Blood screen. The blood test screens the liver and kidney making sure that they are healthy and functioning correctly before an anaesthetic. Joe's bloods came back all healthy and we were able to go ahead with the surgery.

Joe was monitored before, during and after the procedure. After surgery, he was placed on a warm heated bed and monitored. We then called Joe's owners to let them know that he was out of surgery and doing really well. At this time we also made a discharge appointment for the afternoon. We then monitored Joe for another two hours and made him very happy by feeding him a mix of yummy chicken and tuna cat food.

On discharge the veterinarian explained how to take good care of Joe at home. We also made a re-visit time for Joe to have a post-operative check in a few days. Joe's owners came to collect him in the afternoon.

With all surgeries we make sure that overnight all pets are comfortable and are eating and drinking well. We called Joe's owners the next morning and they reported that it was like he never even had an operation. He talked to them all the way home in the car about all the day's events at Brunswick Central Vets.