Lisa gets cancerous lumps removed

Lisa the rat arrived at our clinic to see Dr Alex as her parents had noticed some lumps on her abdomen. After an examination, Dr Alex suspected that the lumps were mammary cancer. It was decided that radiographs would be performed to diagnose what the lumps were and to make sure that there were no other growths.

Lisa was booked in to have the radiographs performed by Dr Alex. Radiographs were needed to ensure that the chest was clear and that there were no other lumps. The radiographs showed that there were no extra lumps so Lisa was prepared for surgery.

We put Lisa on intravenous fluids to help her recover and keep her blood pressure up during surgery. Because Lisa is so little, she was wrapped in lots of blankets and kept warm as it is hard for her body to maintain the right temperature. The lump was successfully removed and Lisa was given pain relief and antibiotics to help in her recovery.

Ten days later at her post operative check up, Lisa was given the all clear. She has recovered extremely well.

Here's a joke Lisa has passed onto us: "What do you call cheese that isn't yours? NACHO CHEESE!" We hope this made you smile!