Little Diddy's sore tummy

Diddy, a black and white domestic short haired male kitten, presented to the clinic having been vomiting for the past 3 days. Diddy was newly adopted and only 11 weeks of age when we first met him. His owner told us that Diddy hadn't been interested in food or water and was vomiting and dry retching. Little Diddy’s behaviour had also changed from being very alert to now being quiet and unhappy.

During the health check up, Dr Thulz felt Diddy’s abdomen to see if he was uncomfortable or sore to touch. Dr Thulz was able to feel a small lump and thickened bowel, demonstrating a lot of discomfort!

Pets that have consumed a foreign body often arrive to our clinic showing some of the following signs - vomiting, reluctance to eat, abdominal pain, and do not appear to be themselves. They also sometimes stretch out regularly like they are uncomfortable. Treatment in most cases involves surgery and hospitalised care.

We took radiographs of Diddy's abdomen to see if a foreign body was visible and it looked like Diddy had swallowed something unusual. An exploratory laporatomy was required in order to have the foreign body removed. This surgical procedure involves a large incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity.

The string and ribbon from Diddy's abdomen

Wondering what Diddy had swallowed? We removed pieces of string and a large piece of ribbon from Diddy's abdomen!

After his surgery, little Diddy recovered extremely well. Once returned home, due to the invasive nature of major abdominal surgery he has been confined to strict rest and will return to us in two weeks to have his sutures removed. After that time, Diddy will be back to his old adventures, and hopefully steering clear of tasty string and ribbons!