Little Olive's slipped knee cap

Olive, a 10 month old female Toy Poodle, presented to the clinic after her owner had noticed that she had a very restless night the night before. She wasn’t acting as her usual self and was lame on her left hind leg. Upon consultation with Dr Alex, Olive was non weight bearing and was very sore!

Olive the Toy Poodle lamed in the hind leg

It was discussed with Olive’s owner that x-rays would be the next step in determining what the cause of her lameness was. These x-rays showed that Olive had a luxated patella from a traumatic event.

Medial patella luxation (MPL) is a common problem, especially in small and toy breed dogs. As the name implies, the knee cap (patella) slips out of position (luxates) and towards the inward side of the leg (medially). Patella luxations can be categorised from mild to severe and graded from 1 to 4 respectively.

To perform the surgery, the point where the patella ligament is attached is moved and surgically fixed to its proper location. The groove where the patella sits is deepened so the patella will stay in place. The capsule around the knee joint is tightened.

Olive recovered extremely well after her procedure and was given the orders of strict rest from our vet. She has regular visits to our clinic for post operate checks to ensure she was healing well and to have some physiotherapy performed to help her to get back to her usual movements.

Olive is a treat to have at the clinic and is always up for a cuddle. She is a very brave toy poodle with a big personality!