Little Tex takes a fall

Tex is a very sweet 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy who was brought to our clinic because he had fallen from his mother's arms. As a playful and full of beans puppy, it was very easy for Tex to wriggle his way out and without realising he had fallen from a height that his little self just can't handle yet. Tex had yelped at the time of the fall but was full of energy and seemed fine at presentation. Dr Zoe examined Tex and discovered that he was extremely reluctant to put any weight on his right front leg and there was also some bruising around the area. As Tex had already had some breakfast that day, we asked his mother to bring him in the next day after being fasted so we could take some radiographs to check for any broken bones.

The next day Tex had some x-rays taken of his paw. The x-rays revealed that he had fractured his toe. To help Tex recover, a splint was placed to support the fracture and he was put on strict rest. For a young pup this can be hard.

Tex was a frequent patient at our clinic for the next few weeks for bandage changes and continuous treatment. He was a bit naughty and crafty at getting his Elizabethan collar off but was very brave and patient during the bandage changes and a little star for behaving so well.

After a few weeks of healing, Tex returned to the clinic for some further x-rays to see if the fracture had healed. The x-rays showed the fracture had healed. Tex was then allowed to slowly increase his exercise up to lead walks over the next week. After a final recheck two weeks after, Tex was able to run at the park and enjoy being an energetic puppy!