Makka's chocolate indulgence!

Makka is a very sweet 7 year old Bull Terrier who presented to the clinic after his owners had noticed that Makka had eaten 5 chocolate bars along with the wrappers!

As the wrappers themselves are a concern because they can get lodged and cause an obstruction, chocolate is also toxic to pets. Learn more about chocolate toxicity. 

Because of the amount of chocolate that Makka had ingested and not much time had passed, Dr Shannon decided after a consultation with Makka's owner that it would be best to induce vomiting. This is to ensure that the chocolate wasn't absorbed by Makka and that the wrappers did not cause a blockage.

Makka was given medication to induce vomiting. Soon 5 chocolate bars and their wrappers were produced! After Dr Shannon ensured that Makka had thrown up all of the chocolate bars, he was given an anti nausea injection to stop his vomiting.

Dr Shannon alerted Makka's owners of the signs to look out for post chocolate toxicity. These signs include hyperactivity, vomiting and muscle twitches.

We were pleased to hear that the following day Makka had recovered and was doing great!

REMEMBER to keep chocolates and other toxic household items for pets out of reach. If there are children around, ensure to educate them about the food that can make pets sick.