Meep swallows a needle

Meet Meep, a lovely handsome cat, who thought it would be lots of fun to play with a cotton reel and some thread. However, there was a sewing needle attached to the end of the thread that Meep proceeded to swallow!

Meep's owner had seen him playing with the cotton reel so when the needle could not be found she was fairly suspicious that Meep may have got himself into some trouble so brought him promptly down to the clinic. 

After an examination by Dr Belinda it was decided an x-ray of Meep's stomach would be required to see if we could visualise the needle. The x-ray result as you can see on the right indeed showed the needle inside poor Meep's stomach.

An exploratory laparotomy was performed to remove the needle. This is a surgical procedure that involves an incision made into the abdomen to visualise and examine the structures inside of the abdominal cavity.

After his surgery, Meep was allowed to recover in a warm, fluffy bed, and stayed in hospital overnight for observation. When Meep was discharged he was instructed to be confined to strict rest due to the invasive nature of major abdominal surgery.

Meep came back to the clinic recently to have his sutures removed and he had recovered brilliantly! Let's hope he leaves his sewing career behind him!