Meet Mama Snow and her babies

Our ‘Patient of the Month' this month isn't really a patient at all, but a beautiful stray cat that one of our clients brought to us after discovering she was caring for days old kittens in a drain at the bottom of her garden!

Mama Snow is a 3 year old domestic shorthair cat, with a white coat and beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately for her, this combination of white fur and blue eyes means that she is genetically deaf. It doesn't make her any less of a mother though as she diligently cares for her three tiny babies, two of which are also white, and one who is a brown tabby!

She has adapted to clinic life well, and is very laid back about sharing her sweet furry children with the doting nurses. Right now the babies are about two weeks old, which means we are waiting excitedly for them to open their eyes and take a look around at the world for the first time! We will keep you updated on Mama Snow and her babies and their progress as they grow!