Meg 'breaks a leg'

Poor little Meg has had a rough start to puppy life. One morning her devoted owners heard her screaming in pain in the backyard. They rushed outside to find Meg had her leg caught in a piece of garden furniture. After freeing her it was evident Meg would need to come straight into the clinic as she could not put any weight on her left foot.

Dr Alex gave Meg some pain relief and took an x-ray of her injured left fore leg. The x-ray revealed Meg had a fracture of her radius. This fracture would require plating so Meg was referred to the Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre for specialist surgery.

Meg's owners were extremely fortunate that they had taken out Pet Insurance for Meg three weeks earlier. This meant that Meg's owners would get back most of the money from the cost of the surgery (which was estimated to be in the thousands of dollars).

Meg has been coming back to see us regularly for post operative checks and she is looking forward to getting her bandage off so she can do all the normal puppy things!

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