Missy's laparoscopic ovariectomy (spey)

Missy is a sweet 6 month old French Bulldog presented to the clinic for her desexing procedure. Missy’s owners opted for her to have her ovariectomy (spey) performed laparoscopically.

A laparoscopic ovariectomy involves a much tinier incision being made in her abdomen. This tiny incision is to fit a special camera through her abdomen so all of the procedure can be performed internally. Small instruments are used to allow the surgeon to perform the procedure without disrupting the internal tissues. The key hole incision is closed using only one stitch and post operative care is quicker than the usual desexing procedure.

Missy’s recovery was faster and she was able to return to her usual exercise quicker. Missy was extremely brave for her procedure and a pleasure to have at the clinic. She recovered extremely well after her procedure and her owners were very pleased with the outcome. Well done Missy!


During Missy's desexing procedure