Monty's Sweet Tooth!

Monty, a very cute 15 month old red Toy Cavoodle, presented to the clinic after his owner had noticed that he had ingested approximately 50 grams of dark chocolate. He wasn't showing any sign of chocolate toxicity, (which may include hyperactivity and twitching,) but as a caution it was recommended to Monty's owners that he be induced with vomiting, so that the chocolate could be removed from his system before being absorbed.  This can only be an option if the toxin is non corrosive and if the pet is presented to the clinic within a short period of time since the toxin has been ingested. Close monitoring is required when inducing vomiting as every animal responds differently, so this should ideally not be done at home.

To learn more about chocolate toxicity, click here.

Monty was taken into our treatment area and given medicine to induce vomiting. With this Monty vomited the dark chocolate as well as a fabric substance, possibly from a toy, which had the potential to cause an intestinal obstruction.

Monty was then given an anti nauseous injection to stop him from continuing to vomit. Monty's owners were advised of which signs to look out for of chocolate toxicity and sent home under strict monitoring.

We are very pleased that Monty has recovered well and is back to his usual self! No more chocolate for Monty!