Mr Binx and his sore jaw

Mr Binx is a very sweet 11 month old domestic short haired cat who was presented to our clinic after his owners saw him with a very sore jaw. Mr Binx’s owner was unsure what could have had happened or what Mr Binx had done while he was roaming around outside during the day. Upon consultation with Dr Gavin, it was noted that Mr Binx had a fracture of his mandible at the symphysis.

Mr Binx was in shock upon presentation and was immediately placed onto intravenous fluids. After Mr Binx was stable, we performed radiographs of his jaw as well as other parts of his body to ensure that there were no other fractures or bone abnormalities present. The radiographs showed no other fractures so Mr Binx was prepared for surgery to repair the fracture in the jaw.

Mr Binx recovered extremely well after his surgery and visited our clinic for post operative checks. During all of this Mr Binx was always up for a cuddle and scratch with us. He was an absolute pleasure to treat at the clinic and is of course already very happy about being able to go outside again!