New mum Aliki low in calcium

Aliki is a very cute 1 year old white coloured female Chihuahua, presented to the clinic after her owners had noticed that she was weak on her front legs. Aliki had collapsed after eating and had muscle fasciculation’s (tightening of muscle fibres) and a stiff gait. Aliki had also given birth to puppies the previous week. 

Aliki'a blood tests revealed her total calcium levels were 0.18. Normal ranges for dogs are between 2.5 and 3.3. Her symptoms confirmed she was suffering Hypocalcemia, resulting from low calcium. This can occur when new mums expend all their energy nurturing their puppies, depleting their own stores of vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

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Aliki was admitted to hospital and placed on intravenous fluids. She was given calcium gluconate intravenously over 10 minutes. A further calcium injection was given until her clinical signs resolved. During this time her heart was monitored closely. 

Aliki was then transferred to an emergency centre for after hours care and monitoring to ensure that she still continued to improve. 

Aliki did extremely well overnight and recovered well. She was a pleasure to treat and we are happy to report that her puppies and her are doing well.