Ninja caught in fire

Ninja is a 2 and a half year old female domestic short haired cat who presented to the clinic after being in a house fire! Poor Ninja had burns to all four of her paws! As Ninja needed constant bandage changes to help her burns heal and her owner needed to house hunt, Ninja was admitted to our clinic for hospitalisation and boarding until her burns were healed and a new house was found for her.

Upon closer examination of Ninja’s burns, it was found that her paws had ulcers from the burns as well. Her paws were covered with antiseptic cream to assist them to heal and all of her paws were carefully bandaged. As she was very sore and couldn’t put any pressure on her paws, she was also given pain relief.

Ninja had bandage changes every day for approximately a week. At each bandage change, her paws were beginning to heal nicely and granulate well. Ninja was also feeling much more comfortable and acting more like her usual self.

At Ninja’s final bandage removal, her paws were looking fantastic therefore her bandages were removed and monitored closely to ensure they didn’t become painful again. During Ninja’s stay, Ninja’s mum visited her to give her extra cuddles and support during her healing process.

Ninja has had a full recovery and has gone home now. We were all very happy to see her improvement and are very glad she recovered so well! We miss brave Ninja and hope to see her for another stay at the cattery under happier circumstances next time!

Ninja and her owner made this cute comic strip to share with everyone.