Ninjas lump removal

Ninja, a very cute two year old Mink Berkshire female rat, presented to the clinic after her owners noticed that she had a lump growing on her abdomen. As the lump was growing in size, and could be the cause of a number of health concerns, it was discussed with Ninja’s owners that removal of the lump would be the best option.

Ninja was prepared for surgery with Dr Helen. For Ninja’s procedure, a general anaesthetic was required in order for the lump removal procedure to be performed. A midline incision was made over the large lump and upon removal it was found that the large mass consisted of two small masses and one big mass which had approximately 3 blood vessels going into the lump! What was even more interesting was that Ninja’s lump was approximately 10cms in diameter!

Ninja was given a pain relief and anti-inflammatory injection on recovery, as well as an antibiotic injection. Ninja recovered extremely well after the procedure and was back to her normal self in no time! She was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to seeing her again in the future.