Pudding's desexing procedure

Pudding is a gorgeous 20 week old male Chocolate coloured Burmese, presented to the clinic for his castration procedure.

Pudding in recovery after his procedure

Pudding was fasted the night before for the procedure and presented at the clinic for a pre admission consultation with Dr Thulz. Dr Thulz performed a pre general anaesthetic check on Pudding and prepared him for his castration procedure.

The castration surgery involves the removal of the testicles through a skin incision.

Pudding recovered extremely well after his procedure and also received his final FIV vaccination prior to going home. At our clinic, all outdoors cats are highly recommended to have this vaccination. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a viral disease that affects the immune system of domestic cats.

Pudding was a superstar patient at the clinic and the staff loved giving him cuddles and pats. We look forward to seeing him at the clinic again soon!