Puppy Pre-School for 3 little friends

Winnie Lou a 15 week old French Bulldog, Piper a 16 week old Border Collie and Ned a 16 week old Irish Terrier came to the clinic after booking in for a course of Puppy Pre-School.

Winnie Lou, Piper & Ned (L)

Puppy Pre-School is a great way to socialise your puppy and to teach your pup some basic manners such as sit, stay, drop and come. It is also aimed at owner education. The class runs for 4 consecutive weeks on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday night.

During class for Winnie Lou, Ned and Piper, a play session is involved where the trainer monitors their behaviour closely to ensure that the play is normal. Some puppies are a bit shy at first and are very impressionable at a young age so each meeting needs to be enjoyable and fun for each of them.

As well as learning some great tricks, normal puppy behaviour is also discussed and some tips on how to approach these behaviours is shared. These behaviours include play biting, toilet training, separation anxiety and noise phobias.

Winnie Lou, Piper and Ned all graduated after the 4-week program and were fantastic at each of their tricks. We hope to see them at the clinic again soon!

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