Ralf's broken teeth

Ralf is a 5 year old male Pug who presented to our clinic after his owners had noticed that a part of his tooth had broken off. Upon consultation with Dr Andrew, it was discovered that Ralf had a slab fracture of both his upper right carnassials.

The 4th premolar tooth (also known as the Carnassial tooth) is the largest tooth in the dog's mouth. This is the main "chomping" tooth used for grinding up food.

Ralf had a general anaesthetic for the procedure. Both upper right carnassials were removed, and a scale and polish was also performed in order to remove the plaque and tarter on Ralf’s teeth.

Ralf recovered well from his general anaesthetic and dental procedure in a warm heated bed and lots of TLC from the nurses! We look forward to seeing him again at his next visit to the clinic, and seeing his pearly white smile!