Regular check ups can save your pet's teeth - Lily's story

Lily is a 7 year old female Burmese. Lily visited us for her annual vaccination and check up. On examination Dr Alex Whan noticed Lily's teeth were beginning to show a build up of plaque and tartar. Dr Alex explained to Lily's owners the importance of having her teeth cleaned now to prevent them from progressing to a stage where it is painful for Lily and she may need some teeth extracted.

Why have a dental check?

Most people are not aware of the pain associated with dental diseases. Dental disease is very painful and if left untreated can cause your pet to stop eating. If left untreated, it can also result in the loss of some or all of your pets teeth. Dental disease can also lead to damage of internal organs. The kidneys are particularly susceptible as the build up of bacteria and toxins that are released into the bloodstream from the teeth and gums can accelerate kidney deterioration and shorten your pet's lifespan.

Can it be prevented?

Yes it can! A good dental plan can be put into place with the help of your veterinarian. Find out more about dental homecare here.

Lily was booked in for a dental procedure and now has sparkling white teeth. Her dental plan is Hills T/d diet and raw chicken wings as an occasional treat (as we also need to watch her weight. She will visit us every 6 months for a free follow up dental examination to ensure her teeth stay healthy.