Sammie and his adventures of 2009

Our patient of the month or more likely patient of the year is the gorgeous Sammie. Sammie has been a regular patient in our hospital this year due to a series of "misadventures".

Early in the year Sammie was hospitalized with us due to FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). This required Sammie to have an anaesthetic to place a urinary catheter. He remained in hospital for one week and recovered well.

Then a few months ago Sammie was rushed into the clinic after being hit by a car. X-rays revealed that he had a fractured fibula and as you can imagine he was in a lot of pain. Sammie stayed with us for a couple of weeks and was given pain relief, strict confinement and of course lots of TLC!

Most recently, poor Sammie was attacked by a dog and then went into hiding for a couple of days. Once he dragged himself home Sammie's concerned owner again rushed him into the clinic. He had a nasty bite wound under his forearm that required suturing and he was dehydrated from having no food or water while he was hiding away.

Through all these Sammie has been a star patient who loves his pat and cuddles from all the team. As much as we like seeing Sammie we wish him good luck and good health for the remainder of the year.