Tacos Procedure

Taco, a wonderful 8 month old female Jack Russell Terrier presented to the clinic for her desexing, known as a spey procedure for girls. Taco fasted the night before her spey procedure for 12 hours in preparation, this is crucial to minimise vomiting and the chance of aspiration pneumonia while under anaesthetic. A pre-admission consult appointment with Dr Helen was made for early in the morning of the procedure to give little Taco a once over to ensure she was healthy and well for her procedure.

Taco had a thorough health check up with Dr Helen where there were no abnormalities present. She was then admitted into the clinic and prepared for her procedure where she was placed on intravenous fluids prior to her having a general anaesthetic, which helps her remain hydrated and ensures her blood pressure stays up during her anaesthetic.

We also gave Taco a pre-medication injection which provided her with some pain-relief and a mild sedative to keep her relaxed prior to her anaesthetic.

Taco had a very stable anaesthetic and her procedure went smoothly. Post-operatively Taco was given a follow up pain relief injection to ensure she stayed as comfortable as possible, and placed in a warm and quiet room to recover, where she received plenty of reassuring cuddles from our nurses.

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Taco recovered extremely well after her spey procedure and she was prepared for her discharge appointment with her owner to discuss all the aftercare points. Taco was a fabulous patient who we love to see at the clinic!