Tansy's sore belly

Tansy, a beautiful 11 week old female German Shorthaired Pointer, arrived at the clinic after her owner had noticed that in the past day Tansy had been vomiting straight after ingesting food. She was still very bright and alert and keen for a play with her owner. As all puppies do, Tansy liked to chew on things and investigate new things as well.

Upon consultation with Dr Thulz, Tansy would whine on palpation of her abdomen. She also had a small vomit in the consultation when Dr Thulz was examining her. Given the history from Tansy’s owner and her interest in chewing things, it was recommended that Tansy had radiographs performed to ensure that she hadn’t ingested a foreign body, which isn’t uncommon in young puppies.

Tansy had her radiographs performed that night and thankfully no obvious foreign body was noted. She was transferred to the emergency centre so she could be monitored overnight. The following day we took more radiographs just to be sure, and again there was no obvious foreign body. Tansy was much more comfortable with her abdomen being palpated and was still very bright and energetic! We suspect she might just have a gastrointestinal upset.

Tansy was fed small frequent amounts throughout the day and thankfully her vomiting had stopped. She was discharged from hospital and was given a special prescription bland diet for a week to help settle her tummy and make her feel more comfortable.

Tansy was very brave for her radiographs and got lots of cuddles from the vets and nurses. We are very thankful that she recovered well and is feeling much better. Tansy is now enjoying playing with the other puppies in our puppy pre school at the clinic and we very much enjoy seeing her here!