The castration procedure with Ned

Last week young Ned Whan, frequent visitor to our clinic (since his mum is the vet) was admitted for a routine castration procedure. He was brought into the clinic at 9am and hung out for most of the morning in a comfy fluffy bed until it came time to prepare him for surgery.

Ned had a small amount of blood taken so the vets could screen his kidneys and liver for normal function (vital in metabolising the anaesthetic agents used during surgery) and had an intravenous fluid line placed to keep his blood pressure up during the operation. When the blood test came back normal, he was then induced into anaesthesia with an intravenous sedative, and placed onto gaseous anaesthetic to maintain him during the surgery.

Ned's testicles were removed through a small incision in the scrotum, and three small sutures were placed, which are to be removed in two weeks time. Ned was also given a pain relief injection. After the surgery Ned was placed into a recovery suite, complete with hot-water bottle and fluffy blankets, and allowed to wake from his anaesthesia uneventfully. He is now back to his usual tricks (didn't even know he'd had an operation), and is scheduled to have his stitches taken out next week!