Toad's amazing recovery

Toad, an adorable, strong willed feline who was brought to our clinic for treatment after discovering how nasty cars can be! Toad suffered from severe shock, head trauma and bruising to his lungs. Because of the nature of his injuries, Toad was initially treated at the Animal Accident and Emergency centre in Essendon for 24-hour care to ensure he was stable before returning to us. Poor Toad also had a fractured jaw and palate bone.

After being stabilised with intravenous fluids, oxygen and plenty of pain relief, Toad returned to our clinic to have his palate and jaw fractures repaired. Dr Alex sutured his palate fracture and placed a wire to secure his jaw. Whilst repairing Toad's fractures, Dr Alex also placed an esophagostomy tube (a feeding tube) bypassing Toad's mouth, allowing us to give him food directly into his oesophagus as his mouth was very sore.

After one week of being fed through the feeding tube, Toad decided he was ready to eat by himself so the feeding tube was removed and we kept a close eye on him for another few days. After a few days of eating his favourite meals and lots of visits from his parents, Toad was prepared and recovered enough to go home.