Toby's run in with a splinter

Toby is a beautiful 1 year old male Golden Retriever presented to the clinic after his owners noticed he was very lame on his leg and was not weight bearing. His owner had earlier noticed a splinter in his foot, but was sure that there may be more splinter left further inside his paw.

After an examination with Dr Alex, it was noted that Toby was too sore in his foot to be able to examine his paw conscious. Sedation was required in order for radiographs to be taken as well as further examination of Toby's paw to see if any further material was still there.

The radiographs did not show any obvious foreign body in Toby’s paw. However there was an obvious deficit where a foreign body had penetrated the paw. Dr Alex further explored Toby’s sore paw and removed a 1cm length of wooden splinter (ouch!) Some purulent matter was also expressed. Toby’s paw was flushed with saline to ensure there was no matter in his paw that could cause an infection.

Toby was given an antibiotic injection and a bandage was applied to help his paw to heal. He was a fantastic patient to treat and he is doing well!