Treasure's Hair Tie Love

Treasure, a female 3 year old domestic short hair cat, presented to the clinic after her owners noticed that she had intermittent vomiting. Upon presentation, Dr Helen could feel a stomach mass on palpation of Treasure's abdomen. It was discussed with Treasure's owner for her to have a blood profile taken to ensure there wasn't an internal cause for her vomiting, and some radiographs taken in order to determine if a foreign body was present. Treasure's radiographs showed that her stomach was full, with the possibility of the cause being a foreign body. Treasure was kept in hospital and prepared to have surgery to open the abdomen (an exploratory laparotomy).

Treasure was placed on intravenous fluids and given some medications to prepare her for her General Anaesthetic. In many diagnostic situations this operation is undertaken in search of a cause for multiple signs and symptoms of disease. 

Dr Helen made a midline incision and a whopping 9 hair ties were removed from Treasure's stomach! Dr Helen checked the rest of the abdomen for further hair ties but none were found. 
On recovery, Treasure was given pain relief to keep her comfortable and had a fentanyl patch placed on her back left leg to provide a slow release of pain relief over the next couple of days. 

Recovery for Treasure included lots of rest to help her abdominal wound heal. Treasure visited us for her further post operative checks after her procedure to ensure that she was healing and recovering well. She was wonderful to have as a patient and we look forward to seeing her more in the future, but hopefully only for scheduled visits!