Truly's unhealed wound

Truly is an 11 year old domestic long haired tortoise cat who presented to our clinic after a wound in her inguinal area wasn’t healing well. Truly has had previous surgeries on the wound which was caused by a dog attack, however the wound would continue to break down. As the wound was in the inguinal (groin) area, it was in a tricky spot as there is a lot of general movement in this area therefore placing a lot of tension on the wound.

After an assessment with Dr Thulz  it was confirmed that Truly would need a skin flap preformed in order to give the wound the most appropriate chance of healing.

A skin flap is a mass of tissue for grafting which is only partially removed from one part of the body so that it retains its own blood supply during transfer to another site. Truly had a general anaesthetic for this procedure and she recovered extremely well.

Truly was placed on antibiotics and pain relief to ensure she recovered quickly from her surgery and assist the wound to heal.  She had continuous post operative checks to check her wound was healing well without any break down or infection.

Truly has recovered well from her surgery now and her wound has healed fantastically. She was the sweetest and bravest girl for the procedure and following post operative checks, a real pleasure to have at the clinic!

Pre-surgery: Truly's unhealed wound
Post-surgery: Truly's wound is all healed now