Ubu's lump

Ubu is a very sweet 10 year old male Labrador, who presented to the clinic after his owners had noticed a firm lump.  The lump was found on Ubu's right side, almost in the groove of his biceps femoris.  Upon consultation with Dr Alex it was discussed that Ubu should have a FNA (fine needle aspirate) of the lump so that the cells can be seen under microscope.

Fine needle aspirate (FNA), also called fine needle biopsy, is the most frequently used technique in cytology and is typically used to sample 'lumps and bumps' found on the body.  Under the microscope Dr Alex could see fat cells.  After discussion with Ubu's owner it was decided that Ubu would have a general anesthetic to have the lump removed, with the possibility of sending the lump to a laboratory for further investigation.

It is important for lumps and bumps to always be checked on our pets to ensure they are not of any concern.  Learn more about Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet's Skin.

Ubu underwent surgery to have his lump removed and everything went fantastically.  The lump was sent to the labratory and the results indicated that Ubu just had a fatty lump that had formed.  Ubu recovered well and was such a pleasure to have at the clinic.