Visiting the vet becomes a family affair

We've had a couple of dogs competing for the most accident-prone patients of Brunswick Central Vet Clinic since we opened, however one family of dogs must take the cake - Ellie, Chloe and Chevy have enjoyed their visits to the clinic so much that they keep finding ways to come back.

Ellie started the process with a walk at the park resulting in a ruptured cruciate ligament in her knee. This is a fairly common injury - this is the ligament that footballers often injure. Dr Alex repaired Ellie's knee and pretty soon she was feeling great and getting around well.

In the meantime Chevy had a slight altication down at the park which resulted in the need for a few sutures.

All was going well for a few weeks with Ellie getting back to her old ways when a sprint down the hall resulted in her rupturing her other cruciate ligament. It is not uncommon for both ligaments to rupture within a narrow timeframe as there is often an underlying disease process occuring. Ellie was given some anti-inflammatories for a few days and scheduled to have her second knee repaired.

Later that same afternoon, not to be outdone, Chevy decided that a tumble down a cliff was in order. Amazingly she was relatively unharmed apart from a number of large thorns protruding from various parts of her body. Luckily a tree broke her fall but the tree was full of thorns! Her owner removed these and rushed her into the clinic with a slightly sore hind leg the only evident injury.

About a week later though, a large lump appeared on Chevy's side which was very painful to touch. Chevy was admitted to the hospital and the lump was explored under anaesthetic - the lump was an abscess with a large piece of thorn buried inside it!

So with multiple trips into the clinic we thought the whole family deserved to be named as Patients of the Month - including Chloe who has been a great source of moral support for Ellie and Chevy and a great eater of treats!